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Eclipse IDE: More than Java Development

True or false?

The answer to all three statements is emphatically TRUE. And, now it’s particularly so for development teams that build and maintain applications running under the ClearPath OS 2200 and MCP operating environments. Whether you’re coding in COBOL, ALGOL, PLUS, or Java – Unisys innovative Eclipse IDE All-in-One package has got you covered!

What is Eclipse?
Many people have the impression that Eclipse is just for Java. While it does offer a superior Java development environment, Eclipse is, in fact:

Eclipse: The IDE for Unisys ClearPath Developers

By design, Eclipse itself is a deliberately skinny foundation with minimal functionality. It is built to be extended via the concept of plug-ins, which are code bundles that are loaded and used according to a specified configuration. The basic Eclipse structure defines extension points, which allow new modules (plug-ins) that extend the menus and offer more services.

Developers working within the Eclipse IDE can pick and choose the features they want to use from the wide, open-source world of plug-in options. The choices are nearly endless. Check out for an extensive menu of available plug-ins in a broad range of categories, including application management, build and deploy, graphics, profiling, and testing.

Unisys is making Eclipse a major focal point for development of ClearPath applications. In fact, we plan to eventually replace current, proprietary solutions, such as Programmer’s Workbench, with this open, industry-standard environment.

We have several objectives with our Eclipse offering. The first is to provide industry-standard IDE assistance for developing Java applications that use ClearPath assets. To this end, Unisys provides industry-standard Resource Adapters (RAs) for ClearPath database and transaction access and the Eclipse IDE offers features that assist with development of these applications. For both ClearPath platforms, there is an RA that supports Distributed Transaction Processing Services (DTP RA). For ClearPath OS 2200 environments, we support access to Business Information Server, DMS and RDMS databases, as well as to TIP/HVTIP transactions. For ClearPath MCP, there are RAs for Enterprise Database Server (DMS II) and COMS.

Our second major objective with Eclipse is to provide the ability to develop other 3GL applications for ClearPath environments using the same framework that can be used for Java and other non-ClearPath hosted applications. For ClearPath OS 2200 environments, we enable development of COBOL, Java, and PLUS applications, as well as the use of TelNet and CMplus. For MCP, we support COBOL 74/85 and ALGOL, as well as the use of WFL. And by moving ClearPath development activities into Eclipse, programming teams will gain the additional benefits of a streamlined build and test process with a common IDE for all projects, regardless of language.

Why is Eclipse So Popular?

Unisys Eclipse All-in-One Packages

The Unisys engineering team is fully invested in contributing to the open source movement in ways that benefit our ClearPath customers. We are directing our resources to creating ClearPath specific plug-ins that naturally build on the Eclipse IDE foundation and provide capabilities that make sense for developers on ClearPath systems. To that end, Unisys has built and released Eclipse plug-ins that enable development for ClearPath OS 2200 and MCP operating environments using the Eclipse IDE, as well as integration of ClearPath based assets in a service-oriented environment.

So, what is Unisys providing exactly for Eclipse? An All-in-One package comprised of the following:

Equally important, the components of the Unisys Eclipse All-in-One package are:

Note: if your organization is already using Eclipse, then you don’t need the All-in-One package and can simply use the Unisys modified and developed plug-ins in your existing environment.

For more detailed information about the ClearPath OS 2200 IDE for Eclipse, see our Tech Corner article in this issue of ClearPath Connection. (And, look for a similarly in-depth article about the ClearPath MCP IDE for Eclipse in the next issue of this newsletter.)

Easy, Integrated, and Innovative

With the Unisys All-in-One packages, it’s never been easier to get started using the Eclipse IDE. Whether you’re an experienced ClearPath programmer or a new college grad just starting out, it’s time to start exploring the technical and business benefits of this powerful toolset. You can take advantage of the many plug-ins available from the open source community and Unisys own plug-ins that are designed to help you get maximum value from your current ClearPath investment.

To learn how to download and install the All-in-One package for OS 2200 or MCP, please refer to the eCommunity:

We are also looking for developers to join our early adopter program. Please contact: