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ClearPath Connection

Learning the Ropes with OS 2200 Express

We are happy to announce the release of the newest member of the ClearPath® Software Series family: OS 2200 Express!

Designed and built primarily for hobbyists, students, teachers, and other members of the educational community, OS 2200 Express enables anyone currently studying or curious about operating systems and software development to learn about the functionality a working OS 2200 environment has to offer. It can help them test out new techniques, work live as an instructor demonstrates an important concept, or explore the environment on their own during free time between classes.

Plus, OS 2200 Express makes a great addition to any clients’ existing personal skills development programs. New hires and seasoned employees alike can use it to familiarize themselves with the OS 2200 environment in a non-commercial, personal, or educational manner.

Available as a complimentary download, the OS 2200 Express package includes a functional ClearPath OS 2200 operating system, a comprehensive set of OS 2200 development tools and compilers, and the OS 2200 runtime software required to facilitate learning. And it’s built to run on modern Microsoft® Windows® PCs and laptops.

Please note that each version of OS 2200 Express is licensed to one user for non-production personal and educational use only. Commercial use is prohibited.

Want to see it for yourself? Download OS 2200 Express today!