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ClearPath Connection

MCP Developer Studio Gets Personal

Great news, developers!

In addition to the revolutionary new ClearPath® MCP Developer Studio offering, we’re pleased to announce the availability of a smaller, more portable package: ClearPath MCP Developer Studio Personal Edition.

MCP Developer Studio Personal Edition is a software-only solution designed, much like its bigger brother, to facilitate the development, testing, and demonstration of MCP applications. However, instead of residing on a ClearPath system, it provides a complete MCP runtime environment, as well as a comprehensive set of development tools and compilers, on Microsoft® Windows® based hardware that complies with a specific reference architecture. Because it follows this approach, the software can run on any hardware that meets the appropriate system requirements, giving you numerous deployment options.

As a successor to the LX Laptop program, MCP Developer Studio Personal Edition includes all of the software that is part of the existing LX Laptop SDK package, along with additional products that further enrich its testing capabilities.

It’s important to note that MCP Developer Studio Personal Edition is meant for development, testing, and demonstration purposes only – not running production workloads. Moreover, only one Named User – developers or demonstrators authorized to use the software – is allowed to work with MCP Developer Studio Personal Edition at any given time. So for example, if you wish to have ten developers using MCP Developer Studio Personal Edition, each will require a license before he or she can access the software.

Please contact your Unisys sales representative for pricing, licensing, and support information, or to learn how to migrate an existing LX Laptop subscription to MCP Developer Studio Personal Edition.