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A Quarterly Newsletter for Unisys ClearPath Forward Clients | January 2018

Here Comes a New MCP Eclipse Release!


Big news on the ClearPath® MCP development front: the newest version of the ClearPath MCP IDE for Eclipse™ has arrived!

With the ClearPath MCP IDE for Eclipse, you get a modern, fully featured, extensible means of developing 3GL programs in COBOL, ALGOL, and C, as well as composite applications for JEE platforms. It also includes a plug-in to work with MCP files, and accommodates MCP file system browsing, debugging, and diagnostic logging. This way, recent college graduates who are used to working in modern IDEs can easily adopt Eclipse to develop MCP applications.

The latest release, which leverages the features built into Eclipse version 4.7.0, includes several new and noteworthy capabilities, updates, and enhancements:

  • MCP File Explorer: You’re now free to browse the MCP file system, as well as edit and save elements, without leaving the Eclipse IDE.
  • Variable colors for ALGOL file types: With this feature, you have the option to assign a color definition to type, Integer, Real, Array, Boolean, and Pointers variables in ALGOL, DCALGOL, and DMALGOL file types, making it easier to understand the definition of each variable.
  • Editor drag-and-drop: An enhancement to the Editor, the new drag-and-drop functionality allows you to select and move text contents from one location within the Editor to another.
  • Log Analyzer: With the Log Analyzer, you can query the SUMLOG contents and save the generated logs to a file on a local file system or a remote MCP host. Queries can use the following criteria:
    • Task/Mix number
    • Job/Session number
    • IDENTITY list of records
    • PRINT jobs
    • File entry status
  • Output file properties: You now have the flexibility to choose attributes – such as Security Type, Security Use, and Release ID – for all object files generated during the build or assign them to specific files only.
  • Syntax-only check: Using this feature, you’re able to check for syntax errors without performing the actual compilation.
  • Multiple Editor windows: An Editor that’s already open can now also be opened in edit, patch, or view mode.
  • MCP search: With the MCP search feature, you’re able to search the contents of open editors, selected resources, or an entire workspace, as well as new contents in unsaved files.
  • DASDL file editing: You’re now able to edit DASDL files of 80 and 85 characters in length.
  • Support for multiple user connections: With the ability to enable multiple users to connect to the same host, it will become easier for you to control user access directly within the Eclipse environment.

A New “Turbo” Tool for MCP Security Administrators!


Beginning with ClearPath MCP Release 18.0, the Basic version of Locum Safe & Secure AdminDesk software is bundled in all ClearPath MCP operating environment packages.

This new turbo tool for MCP security administrators is the “starter” version of Safe & Secure AdminDesk software. With it, security administrators can:

  • Search, create, and edit Usercode and Remoteuser records in the Userdatafile
  • Display and reactivate suspended users
  • Easily view MCP security and policy settings

And by offering a subset of the full Locum Safe & Secure AdminDesk software, Locum AdminDesk Basic Edition makes it easy to discover the power of the Locum products.