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A Quarterly Newsletter for Unisys ClearPath Forward Clients | January 2019

Unisys Product Services & Support: Guiding Your Path to Innovation

You know your ClearPath Forward® system has and will continue to play a critical, strategic role in defining and driving your organization’s success.

But as the IT environment surrounding it becomes more and more complex, the effort needed to monitor disparate systems, tune performance, and integrate third-party components can quickly divert your attention away from initiatives that drive innovation and business value.

To balance your day-to-day needs and future goals, you need to rethink the way you support systems and the steps you employ to keep them up, running, and available. Instead of addressing problems only after they occur, you need to work to prevent issues from ever happening in the first place.

With Unisys Product Services & Support, you’ll have access to the flexible, agile, customizable support resources you need to proactively optimize the availability, manageability, performance, and value of your IT environment.

Support the Way You Need It

Your IT environment is like no one else’s, and the way you support it should be just as unique. With Unisys Product Services & Support, you’re free to build a support structure that reflects your system availability goals, end-user requirements, client SLAs, and budgetary considerations.

Whether it’s a standard offering or a custom engagement that blends together things like around-the-clock maintenance, remote health checks, onsite support, and more, you’ll feel confident knowing you have the coverage and responsiveness needed to pursue your business goals.

Specific offerings include:

  • Extended Hardware Maintenance: Our hardware support includes basic warranty service and a variety of premium options for both Unisys products and those from third-party vendors. No matter how you employ these services, you can choose from 24x7 support with either four-hour or two-hour business-critical response times. Or, you can opt for 9x5 support with either four-hour or next-business-day response times.
  • Software Support: With our software support services, you’ll have access to a single point of contact for all issues – available online, over the phone, or in person – for proprietary Unisys solutions and multi-vendor software. Options include standard 24x7 support, 24x7 support with one-hour response times, and 9x5 remote assistance.
  • Premium Support: Using our premium support offerings, you’ll be able to utilize a variety of services that help you reduce the risk of costly downtime. With a dedicated Support Account Manager (SAM), you’ll have access to a single point of contact for escalations, monthly and quarterly planning, health checks, and consultant coordination. Or, you can bring an onsite support specialist to your data center to work directly with your team. You’ll have the option to execute one-time, quarterly, or semiannual remote system health checks that quickly and cost-effectively help you analyze and optimize performance and security. And with our support consulting services, you can work directly with our experts to build custom engagements covering such areas as software and operating system update management, configuration and capacity planning, and disaster recovery planning and assessment.

With the help of these services, you’ll have the support and resources you need to proactively mitigate the risk of downtime while improving performance, productivity, and satisfaction among internal and external clients alike.

This way, you’ll be able to free up internal resources, so they can stay dedicated to the strategies that drive growth, spur innovation, and add value and differentiation to the business.


Product Services & Support: By the Numbers

  • 96% of business-critical service requests responded to within 30 minutes
  • Over 7.6 million service events managed annually
  • More than 3.5 million devices supported around the globe
  • Over 4,500 Unisys-badged support professionals in more than 40 countries
  • 1,000-plus parts stocking locations worldwide