Federal Insights, January-March 2016.
Unisys Federal Insights
Unisys’ Jennifer Napper profiled in Signal Magazine blog
The Path to Digital Transformation and
Innovation –
An interview with Mark Forman, global head, VP and general manager, Unisys Public Sector.

Innovative startups such as Uber, Airbnb, and Waze are harnessing digital technologies—e.g., cloud, virtualization, advanced data analytics,

and mobile—to transform traditional business models and displace competitors by delivering superior service at dramatically reduced costs. The path to digital transformation is inherently different for government organizations because they are engaged in vital missions, and disruptions could seriously damage national interests and public trust.

The transition to digital government is not an all-or-nothing proposition. Agencies will continue to optimize and leverage their legacy environments while they identify opportunities to implement new hosting models; strengthen data collection, integration, and analytics; and expand their digital capabilities throughout the enterprise. Listen to a Federal News Radio interview with Mark Forman, global head of public sector at Unisys, along with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) CIO Adrian Gardner and FEMA CTO Ted Okada, as they discuss the benefits that agencies are seeing as they adopt digital government initiatives. Gardner and Okada also discuss FEMA’s unique bottom-to-top approach in creating its modernization plan and provide their key insights and lessons learned, as well as how they are leveraging digital technologies at FEMA.

For more information on digital government or to download Unisys thought leadership on digital transformation, visit: www.unisys.com/digital-government.

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