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What’s New in ClearPath Forward ePortal 7.0?

With ClearPath Forward™ ePortal, you get a point-and-click Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) enabler that rapidly extends your ClearPath Forward applications to new partners, channels, and markets through web, mobile, or Web Services technologies.

And now, we’re enhancing these capabilities even further in ClearPath Forward ePortal 7.0, a new release that brings higher levels of resiliency and support for the latest development tools to both ClearPath MCP and OS 2200 environments.

Here’s what’s new and noteworthy in ePortal 7.0:

  • Enhanced ePortal Manager Resiliency: ePortal 7.0 makes it possible for Enterprise Generation 4 systems to maintain a secondary Manager partition that can automatically take over should the primary partition fail. Additionally, fully redundant network paths are now supported for Manager partitions. Together, these capabilities enhance the value ePortal brings to business-critical environments by eliminating single points of failure for all management operations.
  • Operations Sentinel Monitoring: Operations Sentinel can now monitor the overall health of ePortal Manager, and even indicate when it may be necessary to fail over to a replica Manager partition.
  • ePortal Orchestration Enhancements: New Orchestration features within ePortal give designers added options for improved application development, integration, and support. These features enable Orchestration reuse using custom Processes, allow trace-log messages to be written from within Orchestrations, provide a new Switch activity that eliminates the need for nested if-then-else statements, and let developers create custom, callable processes written in C# from within Orchestrations.
  • Unisys Multi-Device Mobile Apps: With the help of Unisys Multi-Device Mobile App development, which now supports the latest mobile development frameworks from Apple®, Android™, and Microsoft®, you can easily build hybrid, mobile apps that use familiar web development approaches and include contemporary mobile technologies.
  • Windows 10 Universal App Support: With this feature, Unisys Multi-Device app developers can use new Microsoft Windows® 10 Universal App project templates to create apps that target all Windows 10 devices using a single code base, giving ePortal developers the latest technology for the complete range of Windows 10 desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Support for Visual Studio 2015: ePortal 7.0 is now integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio® 2015, as well as the latest .NET frameworks from Microsoft.
  • Enhanced SOA Support – Web Services: Easier deployment of WCF Routing services enables developers to more effectively support complex routing scenarios, such as content-based routing, service aggregation, service versioning, priority routing, protocol bridging, backup endpoints, and more.

Please visit our web site to learn more about these and the other new features included in ClearPath Forward ePortal 7.0, as well as the immense value ePortal can bring to OS 2200 and MCP environments.