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ClearPath Connection

MCP Express Is Here!

We are pleased to announce the availability of MCP Express!

The newest deliverable under the ClearPath® Software Series umbrella, MCP Express offers a totally new way for students, teachers, hobbyists, and ClearPath enthusiasts to interact with the MCP operating environment.

Designed primarily for educational and leisure purposes – though it’s also ideal for existing ClearPath clients to use in self-study, learning, or training activities – MCP Express is a free download that allows individuals studying or interested in operating systems and software development to immerse themselves in the MCP development environment. They can use it to learn new techniques, follow along as an instructor demonstrates an important concept, or explore the environment during leisure time.

Available as a free download, the MCP Express package includes the ClearPath MCP operating system, a comprehensive set of MCP development tools and compilers, and selected MCP runtime software to facilitate testing.

Please note that each version of MCP Express is licensed to one user for non-production and non-commercial purposes only, and is built to run on Microsoft® Windows® PCs or laptops that meet specific technical parameters.

Ready to get started? Download MCP Express today!