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A Quarterly Newsletter for Unisys ClearPath Forward Clients | December 2018

Storage News: DSI Virtualizes Backup and Recovery

For decades, ClearPath Forward® clients have looked to the virtual tape library (VTL) backup and recovery systems from Dynamic Solutions International (DSI) to protect their critical business data.

And to keep this data as safe as possible, DSI regularly updates its offerings to reflect and account for the pressures that arise from shifting recovery models, emerging protocol requirements, and evolving
security demands.

So while DSI continues to build storage systems that pair server-based appliances with ClearPath® MCP and OS 2200 host software, they recently updated the product family with new offerings designed to complement how you’re operating today – and how you will tomorrow.

Specifically, as we continue to pursue software-only delivery models for the ClearPath Forward environment, DSI’s latest advances will enable you to extend the power of virtualization to your backup and recovery model:

  • DSI TapeManager for MCP Software Series: With TapeManager, you’ll implement peer-to-peer, multi-host, policy-driven enterprise media and backup management, as well as advanced data protection that includes VTL monitoring.
  • DSI LibraryManager for MCP Software Series: When you use LibraryManager, you’ll have access to a standard interface for MCP tape management, as well as user programs that access and manage automated cartridge libraries.
  • DSI Restore: With Restore, you’ll utilize a virtualized backup and recovery system that runs on VMware® and supports cloud onboarding and such protocol connectivity as iSCSI.

To learn more about these and other storage innovations, please visit DSI’s web site.


Extra Bits

We recently qualified the following storage technologies for ClearPath Forward Libra and Dorado systems:

  • Dell EMC VMAX All Flash arrays Models 250 and 950 with PowerMax Level 5978.144.144
  • Dell EMC Unity arrays with Level 4.3
  • Dell EMC Unity arrays with Level 4.4 for MCP